Kitesurfing lessons

We teach with the international standards IKO and PZKite. The course is divided into 3 stages.

Progress Guaranteed

Level 1 - Intro and Bodydrags

This is an introduction to the sport, at this stage you will gain the theoretical knowledge necessary to practice this sport safe.

What will we teach you?

Level 2- First starts with the board

We will prepare you as quickly and safely as possible for the first board starts.

What will we teach you?

Level 3 - Improving kiting

At this stage, we will teach you how to go wherever you want. After completing the third level you will become independent kitesurfer (we rent kites only for people with level 3 completed)

What will we teach you?


You can go upwind but getting bored with left-right kiting? It’s a great moment to take some freestyle lessons. Jumping is the most fun - we’ll teach you how to jump using the power of the kite and how to do UNHOOKED tricks.

We can teach you: