€55/h - individual lesson

€45/h - group lesson

You only pay for completed hours.

If you want to kite by yourself, there is a fee of €10/day for using the spot.

It is also possible to rent equipment: €60/day.

Bicycle rental: €60/day

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We provide everything you need for kitesurfing lesson

What do I need for the lesson?

Everything is included: wetsuit, harness, kite, bar and board. We have most recent kites. After the course we will help you to select and purchase your own equipment.

We teach only under optimal conditions

We go to lessons only when the wind is good enough.

Do you need a transfer from the airport or an accommodation?

Write/call us - we’ll be happy to help you find accommodation. If you are flying to Palermo let us know a moment earlier - we will arrange a transfer for you.

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